»*~*¤Lindsey¤*~*« (linzer_bean) wrote in bhs_band_geeks,

Grease and Tee Shirt Designs

Ok so I found out yesterday from Mrs.Santina that we are DEFINITELY doing Grease next year, and I thought I would get a head start on things and begin a design for a T-shirt. I need some really good ideas, and once I unpack my digital camera and get some drawings going, I'll post pictures so you can criticize and comment. Yeah, I sure could use some help with this one. I'm tired of waiting so damn long for the shirts, and we are NOT going to have ghetto ass printed shirts my senior year!

What does everyone think about doing Grease? I personally don't think it's the best, but it could definitely be a lot of fun. Just no more Disney and no more Classic Rock. =)

This community has pretty much died, so I'm going to try and revive it.

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