jillian: junkyard dog (fritzthepunk) wrote in bhs_band_geeks,
jillian: junkyard dog

We're all gonna die, nothing you can do about it..

Forgot to mention this kids;

Donna Jansen is your new band president.

Bad news, but nothing we can do about it.


Miss Jillian's Mommy might be chaperone chair, so we do have a bit of hope.
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another of the many developments in band that i won't have to worry about for as long.i don't kno wuts so horrible about her but i'll take your word for ito.o
She's a big fat dumb hoe!

And she lies about everything

And she hates Jillian for no reason

And is trying to make Gary break up with her

That big fat dumb hoe!


Hey uhhh.... Brittney.

Saying that isn't the best thing to do. But I suppose it can't hurt.
Y not?

I'm being honest

I'm not lying

And she doesn't like me anyways.
Because it's 'spreading rumors'.

I know.
In my opinion

It's not spreading rumors

If you're telling the truth

And it's not gossip either

Just as long as you're telling the truth

But that's all just in my opinion.

Lucky you.
whos donna jensen and how bad is she? and I thought Tiffany was our band president..
Not that kind of band president

You big doof

She's Gary's mom

And it's for next year

See my previous comment for more info

Fo' Sho'
Jansen. Gary's mom, you know.

Band booster president. I thought everyone would figure that out.
lol i didn't get it either i guess it's just us gullable people. why isn't mrs. evans gonna be band president? oh well no worries i'm outta here this year. mr. ryon keeps telling me to be tech though so will seee... lol that'd be funny as hell

Oh man. Come back and be tech. We NEED you here. <3