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no one ever updates in here anymore,so,im going to update.

well,marching season is pretty much over. but it was omfg awsome fun this year. The freshmen are so cute and funny. or at least i think. so,friday is our last game! =( thats going to be a very sad night. but,then we have FESTIVAL the next day. heck yes. I really cant wait to go!almost a 3 hour bus ride....heck yesss...but dont be surprised if i've killed at least 3 drummers by the time we get back to school :/ then i cant wait for the band trip! heck yesssss

i dunno about the rest of ya'll...but i've have an awsomely fun year. going to Denny's with shawn,jillian,the drummers...everyone until god knows what time... just taking about random crap...practicing in the rain...hardly any drama at all! but,there was mostly drumemr drama than anything else! =O i had fun...ill remember this year just as much as ill remember the other two! <3
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